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FHCC Honor Code 3165L
FHCC Honor Code 3165L
Owned with All Beef LLC
Sire: KBHR Honor H060 Dam: Woodland Blackcap Lady 84
Semen available through ORIgen & Allied Genetic Resources
Semen: $30 $24
20% off on semen through June 1st
Honoring a Strong Performance and Maternal Heritage
  • Breed leading SimAngus genetics with the Blackcap Lady influence
  • Power packed EPD profile that excels for performance, maternal value and carcass quality
  • Lives up to the exceptional genetic standards set by his grandsire Beacon while offering a fresh enough pedigree to use even back on many of those Beacon derivatives
  • His top 1% API and TI indexes mirror the multipurpose maternal and performance values we are seeing in his maternal brothers FHCC Majority and FHCC Foundation in the Angus breed
  • Like his brothers, Honor Code's value is based first and foremost on a strong, proven cow family and solid maternal foundation
  • Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled - 50% Simmental / 50% Angus
FHCC Blackcap Lady 1550
Dam - Woodland Blackcap Lady 84
Owned with Wheeler Angus Ranch, MO
FHCC Majority 1551
Grandam - Basin Blackcap Lady 0172
Owned with Byrd Cattle Co., CA
As of: 4/10/24
+16.5 -2.8 +85.2 +140.4 +.35 +9.1 +28.0 +70.3 +19.4 +12.4 +26.9 +.94 +.38 -.27 +188.5 +104.2
15% 10% 20% 15% 10% 20% 20% 15% 10% 50% 40% 2% 95%   1% 1%
Circle A H3205W - Wagyu x Angus hybrid
Circle A H3205W
        Shigeshigetani (Fullblood Wagyu)
Sire: Circle A 3632W (Halfblood Wagyu)
        MAF Enchantress Toreby D405 (Purebred Angus)
        JVP Fukutsuru-068 (Fullblood Wagyu)
Dam: Circle A 6091W (Halfblood Wagyu)
        Circle A Pride 2545 (Purebred Angus)

Semen available through ORIgen
Semen: $40 $32    Ask about commercial volume discounts
20% off on semen through June 1st
You've Never Seen a Wagyu Like This Before
  • Circle A 3205 is a truly impressive mature sire that packs 2,600 lbs of marbling and muscle into an attractive, athletic and exceptionally long bodied "beef bull" form
  • The #1 Terminal Profit index bull that we know of to ever come out of the Circle A Ranch program. He also ranks highly for Maternal Profit, Marbling and Birth Weight.
  • His pedigree combines the elite Wagyu sires Shigeshegetana and JVP Fukutsuru-068 while his Angus genetics include ABS maternal legends Connealy Impression, Bon View New Design 878 and H A Image Maker 0415.
  • Consider an elite, intentionally designed 1/2 blood Wagyu bull like Circle A 3205 to deliver more performance and terminal profit
  • Unregistered - 50% Wagyu / 50% Angus
Circle A H3205W
BW WW YW Milk Maternal
Intake YG Marb Terminal
-3.3 +54 +103 +27 +334.16 +.08 -.09 +1.52 +160.11

Get the Marbling - Keep more Performance and Profit

Circle A Ranch invested 15 years proving the commercial value of Wagyu/Angus hybrid cattle on a large scale.

  • 1/4 and 1/8 blood Wagyu steers delivered more profit in their mainstream US production and marketing system.
  • 1/4 blood Wagyu steers hit the sweet spot for quality without sacrificing performance compared to their 1/2 blood counterparts.
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